Guideline to Authors

Hapicom Nigeria Limited, publishers of educational books, short stories, and autobiographies outlines below, guidelines for writing and submission of manuscripts for publishing.

1. Authors are expected to submit at least the first three chapters of the book they intend to publish, manuscripts must be submitted in MS word format.

2. Authors are expected to submit a synopsis which summarizes the content of the whole book along with their manuscripts.

3. Authors are expected to include their short resume with specific reference to working experience and educational qualification.

4. Authors writing educational books must write in line with the current Federal Government Curriculum on education which can be obtained through Hapicom Nigeria Limited office in Abuja or by email.

5. Authors writing story books must ensure that their story lines does not conflict with the expectation of Nigeria educational curriculum practice which promotes:

a) Population and Family Life Education (POP/FLE)

b) Drug Abuse Education (DAE)

c) Food and Drug Safety Education

d) Consumer Protection Education

e) Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), Human Immune Deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Education

f) Peace Education (PE)

g) Gender Education (GE)

h) National Values Eradication of Corruption, Fraud Etc.

i) Road Safety Education

j) Environmental Education (EE)

Interested authors should please send us an email@


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